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Crazy in love
21 September 2010

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31 May 2010

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My girl
30 April 2010

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Out of Control
10 April 2010

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10 December 2009

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She's Electric
3 December 2009

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16 November 2009

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Real doll
18 July 2009

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24 March 2009

Recent Comments

d on Watasi wa Dorcas

Sázky on Watasi wa Dorcas
nice image,super shot,bravo

katalog firm on Watasi wa Dorcas
great shot,exellent colours and details

Luis A. De Jesus R. on Watasi wa Dorcas
Muy picara y traviesa...

Luis A. De Jesus R. on Bashful
En Quemanco, no? Lo he visto a este varias veces. Buena toma :) Saludos!

J.R. on Watasi wa Dorcas
Nice, interesting title?

Reno on She Want Me
Que buena composición !! Los colores han sido bien utilizados para remarcar la acción...o el sentimiento!

Reno on Violetas/Violets
Pus no conozco la peli a la que hace referencia Luis pero si reconozco que sencillamente lo has logrado bien: despertar ...

Reno on Dana
Un retrato que desprende tranquilidad y suavidad. La luz y los ojos mirando para abajo son muy buenos elementos. ...

Wolfen on Crack the shutters
Une belle lumière pour ce superbe "trophée" sauvage !!! Félicitation !! Bon week end

✿ Anina ✿ on Crack the shutters
WOW! What a wonderful shot! Great detail and clarity.

✿ Anina ✿ on Lifeboats
I agree with you, photographing still life is fun. This is a wonderful shot! I love the angle you used and the tones ...

✿ Anina ✿ on Crazy in love
Congratulations! A wonderful shot! I love the colours and processing

JJ on Crazy in love
Such gorgeous warm colors and light this is beautiful, and yes very good excuse i believe

Peter on Crazy in love
Congratulations! Spring is a wonderful time to be in love. A beautiful flower too.

Dimitrios, think positive. on Takeshi

cassiel on Studio 101
Me encantan los tonos y las texturas, buena foto que logró capturarlas

Ck on Out of Control
Electric barbarella...cosmic girl...XD...but now i know what this photo make me think....oO(not Powerman 5000) Old ...

Dorcas on Out of Control
you're just getting better and better <3

JJ on Out of Control
The grain adds to the whole out of control feel, so cool

Curly on Heartbeats
Cute shot - why only one ear?

JJ on Heartbeats
And she is so sweet

cassiel on Distance
Que gran captura, un cielo increíble, magnifica!!

cassiel on it's a fire
Buena idea, mejor realización, me gusta

Luis A. De Jesus R. on This will be my year
Me gusta como se capta la acción en esta...

Luis A. De Jesus R. on it's a fire
Me gusta el encuadre...buena idea. Estuve en Temixco para fin de año en una casa que tenemos alla. Espero ...

Daryl Johnson on You don't know love like you used to
Sweet... what a content face!

Elora on You don't know love like you used to
super cute :)

X.C. on Its been a while
Hey Hey! Esto se oxida!! A darle!

Dimitrios on Its been a while
superb balance there, happy holiday season, regards from Athens.

Doug on Rites of Spring
This one has more of a playful flirtatiousness than the last one that I like better.

Levi Cusio on Its been a while
sweet portrait again. is that your poem? its beautiful both poem and photo!

Anthony Thomason on Rites of Spring
Very mischievous capture. I love that it is written all over her face. Nice tones and lighting. -Peace

Garfield on Rites of Spring
Spring captured purely, to be beheld in our winter

Joan Felix on The Spike
Very nice BW . Love it

Levi Cusio on She Want Me
oh i think i like this better than the previous one! great angles and his posture action is much better as well. great ...

Levi Cusio on Never gonna be the same
unsual but beautiful angle. great colors as well. i like it a lot

Arturo on Plush
"Y el cielo se pone mas rojo todavía..."

Curly on Cheers
Always interesting to see how footballers do this dance :-)

MARIANA on Uh Oh Hello
Great portrait . Love this processing !

Joan Felix on Written in Blood
Over all is good i love the BW , little advise maybe the object little shake . if u can more focus to the object i ...

Mirza Ahmad on Uh Oh Hello
Nicely processed.

Joan Felix on Uh Oh Hello
hello, what a nice photo & a nice poem.. very classic

Joan Felix on Code Red
Nice Photo .. like the old photo...

Rags on Code Red
She has a really nice posture. Lovely image.

cassiel on She's Electric
Las anteriores tomas de la serie son muy buenas, pero esta me es muy atractiva, buena serie!

Momo on She's Electric
sweet, with frightening the playfulness you've captured and the low down angle is refreshing...

Levi Cusio on She's Electric
great portrait. lovely composition and texture. great work

`Paul on Haze girl
. .i like your grainy, glowy, desaturation techniques in your shots.. well done - all of them. also the fact the poses ...

probob on What I want

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